Branding Policy

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ChiaoGoo® Branding Policy

THANK YOU to our distributors and retailers! You have been invaluable partners in our mission to provide best quality knitting and crochet tools across the globe.

This Branding Policy, which takes effect February 1, 2022, aims to protect the integrity of the ChiaoGoo brand and support the brand’s growing reputation.  We ask you to keep the following guidelines in mind when promoting and selling ChiaoGoo products.


Westing Bridge, LLC has developed a family of names to refer to its products including: ChiaoGoo, CG, Knit RED, RED Lace, SPIN, T-SPIN, TWIST, TWIST MINI, Shorties, and SWIV360, etc.

Westing Bridge’s partners may use the family of names to describe ChiaoGoo products ONLY. We ask
that you be careful to ensure that any use of the above names does not lead to confusion. Specifically, you should ensure that your use does not imply to customers that you are ChiaoGoo or its representative. Customers should be clear that you are solely a partner of ChiaoGoo.

You may not use the names:

1. In a URL address

• For example, use instead of

2. In an email address

• For example, use instead of

3.  In the name of your store or in the title of webpage that is not wholly dedicated to ChiaoGoo products

• For example, use “Knitting and More!” instead of “ChiaoGoo Needles and More!”

4. In links or drop-down menus that incorporate products other than ChiaoGoo’s

• For example, use “Knitting Needles” instead of “ChiaoGoo Knitting Needles”

Product Descriptions

We ask that you properly describe our products by using authorized descriptions and photographs when possible. These are available on our website, in our catalog, or upon request.


We strongly suggest US retailers/resellers keep their online listing price within 20% of the current MSRP. For international retailers/resellers, we suggest they follow the guideline of their local distributor, if there is one.

We reserve the right not to sell our product to those who do not respect our Branding Policy, and will ask our distributors to do the same. We do not sell directly to non-needleart specific resellers so our monitoring efforts will mainly focus on this group of resellers.

We would like to be part of your team in representing our products. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at

Thank you again for your role in helping promote ChiaoGoo to customers all over the world! We look
forward to our continuing relationship.