Consignment Program

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Consignment Program (for US retailers only)

Are you exhibiting at a fiber arts fair? Why not take ChiaoGoo with you? You can have our ChiaoGoo product on consignment!  Below are the terms and requirements:

  1. Give us the name, location and dates of the event that you will be exhibiting at. We will verify your exhibitor status.
  2. Figure out what ChiaoGoo product you would like and place an order as usual via online, phone, email, fax or your rep. Please indicate on the order that this is for “consignment”.
  3. Any out-of-stock items will not be placed on back order. Westing Bridge has the right to limit the number of packs ordered based on current inventory levels. You will be notified if items are not available or if we need to make any adjustments.
  4. Half is due when the order is shipped. Credit card payments only.
  5. You pay ALL shipping cost.
  6. After the show, inventory and return any UNOPENED packs to us within two weeks of the event. If we do NOT hear from you or receive the product within two weeks your credit card will automatically be charged for the remaining half of the order.
  7. We will call you shortly after receiving any returned packs to confirm the amount we will either debit or credit your card for.

Sound like a good opportunity? Contact us today!