Loyalty Program

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Loyalty Program

1.  Can anyone sign up?
Our Loyalty Program is designed to support our US brick & mortar customers who order directly from us.  B&M shops with online sales will qualify for this program only if their online sales account for less than 50% of the shop’s total sales.  This program is for retailers in the United States only.

2.  How do I sign up? 
It’s simple!  Fill out the “Loyalty Program Application” and submit it.

3.  How do I earn “Goo Gold”?
After signing up for the program you will automatically earn one Goo Gold coin for each $1 spent on ChiaoGoo products ordered directly from us.  Shipping charges are not included in this total.

4.  How can I check my Goo Gold $tash earnings and rebate level?
If you are enrolled, every Packing List you receive with your order will summarize your “Goo Gold $tash”.  You will find it at the top center of page 1 on the Packing List.  Rebate level information will also be displayed.

5.  What are the rebate levels?

Total Purchases Rebate %
$2,000 – $6,000 1%
$6,001 – $9,000 2%
$9,001 – $12,000 3%
$12,001 – $18,000 4%
$18,001 – $24,000 5%
$24,001 – $30,000 6%
$30,001 – $36,000 7%
$36,001 – $42,000 8%
$42,001 – $48,000 9%
$48,001+ 10%

6.  How do I get my rebate?
When you sign up for our Loyalty Program, you will indicate whether you would like to receive your $tash in a check or a credit toward future orders.  Our Loyalty Program runs from January 1 – December 31.  As long as your account with us is current you will automatically receive your rebate in the form indicated when signing up. However, rebates less than $100 will only be given in the form of a credit and applied to future orders. Checks will be cut and credits will be applied the beginning of the following year.

7.  Can I enroll at any time?