There have been several confirmed cases of counterfeit ChiaoGoo Red and Blue Shorties™ interchangeable sets (Item #: 7230-M & 7230-S) that were recently sold on Amazon by unauthorized resellers through Amazon’s “Fulfilled by Amazon” (“FBA”).

While bearing the ChiaoGoo logo and appearing very similar to our authentic products, these counterfeits have very poor quality, far below our standards.

Here are two pictures to help determine if you have a counterfeit.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  (The first picture shows our 2″ US8 tip.)

Close up of the counterfeit tightening hole and metal cable join:

This is a severe infringement and violation of intellectual property rights of our registered USPTO trademark.  We are trying to find the source company and will work with the relevant authorities to take measures to prevent additional counterfeits from entering the market. Further legal action against the counterfeiter will be carried out, if deemed necessary.

We strongly suggest end consumers take the following precautions to avoid purchasing a counterfeit ChiaoGoo product:

  1. Most importantly, buy from trustworthy retailers such as your local brick and mortar yarn shop (LYS). If an LYS is not available, we encourage you to buy from an online yarn/needle art specific retailer.  If you must buy from an Amazon reseller who is not yarn or needle art specific, make sure you do your research and confirm they have a good reputation with positive feedback on their storefront.

  2. Don’t buy from retailers outside of your country or from sellers that don’t sell any items other than the Red and Blue Shorties™ sets.

  3. Be warned that FBA does not ensure authenticity. In our case, all counterfeit purchases were FBA.

  4. Don’t buy from individuals.

Help us battle counterfeiters by sending an email to if:

  1. You have made a purchase and suspect the product is counterfeit. Include several pictures of the product/packaging, the name of the seller and whether it was FBA (or not) to help us determine if your product is, in fact, fake.

  2. You suspect a ChiaoGoo listing on a platform is counterfeit.

If you believe you have encountered a counterfeit ChiaoGoo product, please reach out.  We can help evaluate the authenticity which may improve your chances of securing a refund from the seller or the seller’s online platform.

The unfortunate consequences of counterfeiting affect everyone.  Please understand that Westing Bridge LLC/ChiaoGoo cannot extend any warranty for products that have not been purchased through an authorized retailer.  We are not liable for any counterfeit product purchased.  Sadly, we cannot exchange or replace counterfeit products.

We thank you for your confidence and appreciate your assistance in fighting to stop the distribution of counterfeit ChiaoGoo products.

Westing Bridge/ChiaoGoo

March 16, 2021