What Needle Artists are Saying About ChiaoGoo…

“I do all types of crochet as a designer, author, and instructor, but my specialty is Tunisian crochet. ChiaoGoo bamboo hooks are my Tunisian hooks of choice. I give them a perfect 10 for PQ, the “Pointiness Quotient.” Most hooks are too round for me. They slide off the stitches instead of going through smoothly. Some hooks are so pointy that I’ve actually stabbed my other hand. Ow! ChiaoGoo hooks are pointy enough to enter the stitches quickly and smoothly, yet not pointy enough to draw blood.

The hooks are so durable that I have not had to replace any of them, and believe me they get a workout. I have the single Tunisian Flexible hookswith extensions, and also the double-ended Circular Tunisian hook with nylon cord in between. The bamboo is comfortable to work with and the extensions come in various lengths. I like the product so much that I gave my mom a set of regular ChiaoGoo hooks as a gift.

You’ll see ChiaoGoo hooks featured in my newest book, Tunisian Crochet for Baby, which will be published by Stackpole Books in September. (It’s available on Amazon now for anyone who can’t wait until then!) I’ve also used them in these Stackpole titles: Tunisian Crochet; Crochet Scarves; and Crochet Pillows; and in my Leisure Arts leaflet Tunisian Crochet Baby Blankets, and another leaflet from them coming in January 2015.

You can find me on Facebook at Sharon Silverman Crochet; on Ravelry at CrochetSharon; and atwww.SharonSilverman.com.”

Sharon Silverman – Designer, Author, Instructor

What Retailers are Saying About ChiaoGoo…

“What an impressive needle line.  I find it amazing that the Red stainless steel collection works so well and that the cable is coil-less.  There’s no need to ever place a Red circular needle in hot/warm water to assist in straightening out cables so they can be used.

The points on the Red stainless steel collection are wonderful!  Their Knit Red line has an elbow in the tip and the Red Lace are straight with lace tips.  These two options help give the fiber artist flexibility in finding their most comfortable individual tool choice.”

Susan Cooper

A Touch of Twist


“We are very pleased with the ChiaoGoo needles! Beautiful, perfect design, smooth seams with a cable that does the job, no twists, a delight to knit! Congratulations on the products and the quality vs. price offer! Here in Brazil we are loving it! “

Adriana Souto



“I have to say when deciding what needles to bring in to my store, I was curious about the ChiaoGoo needles.  Decided to bring them in and see what the response was.  My customers absolutely love using these needles.  They are my number one sellers in the store!  I personally have gained a nice selection as well as an interchangeable set which comes with such a beautiful case!  One will not be disappointed with this product.”

Karen J. Minott
Casco Bay Fibers, Inc.


“One of the favorite ChiaoGoo products we carry at Common Threads are the ChiaoGoo Red Lace Circular Needles.  We can not keep these in stock! From the perfect point to the incredible red lace cord that never rolls up these needles are the best of both worlds. Perfect for both lace and non lace projects!

Peggy Koontz

Common Threads Yarn Shop


“I, as well as my customers, love ChiaoGoo needles and products.

The Red Lace needles are favorites in my shop by one and all.  These needles are great to use because of the smooth joins, nice tips, good feel, and the cords are strong and do not twist upon themselves.

The Interchangeable Needle Sets are terrific.  The quilted case holds virtually everything you need for any project and is compact for taking along anywhere.  The joins are nice and smooth, and I have not had a problem with them unscrewing while I knit.  The sets are so versatile, and my customers love that they go as small as a size 2!

The Bamboo Straight needles and special needles are wonderful to use.  Stitches simply glide from one needle to the other.  The “I Love Knitting!” and “Find a Cure.” single points are great for gifts for that best friend who loves to knit.

Every single product that I have stocked from ChiaoGoo has been of good quality and at a great price point.  After I have recommended them to my customers and they use them, I always get positive comments when they return to the shop.

I could go on and on about how great ChiaoGoo products are!”

Linda Davis

The Tail Spinner


“My customers love your Knit Red Lace tip circular needles! Not only are tips the best, but also the cable doesn’t coil up. And the join between the needles and the cable is so smooth, unlike any others!”

Joanne Bronson

Needlepoints West


“Several years ago six of us went to TNNA from our shop.  We knit with every needle shown for sale.

We were looking for a needle line to replace our Clover needles. (ugh)

Then we voted the last night of TNNA for which needle company would get the buy.  Unanimously, it was ChiaoGoo.  We have loved the line ever since!

In November, we are hosting a knitting and crocheting cruise.  The only needle line We are taking will be ChiaoGoo!

Thank you, ChiaoGoo, for making such a great product.”

Ann Sweeney

Knit and Stitch Boutique


“My favorite product is your bamboo knitting needles — circulars, double points, and straights. The bamboo is smooth yet solid in the hands and the points are terrific.

I love my interchangeable set of circulars and have many customers, who after trying mine, purchased a set for themselves. To a person they praise the sharp points. The bamboo’s smooth surface allows for the yarn to slide easily on the needles yet not slip off as easily as it does on needles made from other materials.

I’ve been in business 15 months and am so glad I went with ChiaoGoo. I researched needles for several years and tried dozens of brands and compositions. I always went back to ChiaoGoo. If I don’t like a product, I won’t sell it in my shop. My customers were initially skeptical, but they tried the needles I put out as samples. They were “sold” in a very short time. 

The company is very supportive of the retailer and that too is important. Knitting needles are a huge investment but if there is a question or concern ChiaoGoo is there to help and be supportive.”

Kim Bierly

Main Street Yarn


“We are pleased to stock ChiaoGoo small TWIST interchangeable sets because they include the small needle sizes that our customers prefer for socks & shawls. Our customers are delighted and often buy the set for just that reason.”

Jan & Krista

Yarn & Y’all


“We love the ChiaoGoo TWIST Interchangeable Lace Needles!  We find the connection very easy to secure using the little key that is included with the set.  The join is nice and smooth and doesn’t catch our yarn at all.  We LOVE the red TWIST cords.  There is absolutely no way that this cord will curl up or cause you any kinds of problems.  Very nice!  We adore the pointiness of the needle tips and think they would be great for all project types.  The case is really nice and zips up, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your stuff.  It also has labeled pockets so you’ll easily find your needles.  The stitch markers they include are adorable and super handy.   This is a great kit and we always encourage our customers to treat themselves to a ChiaoGoo set of needles!”

Sara & Nathaniel

Paradise Fibers


“We LOVE ChiaoGoo!  As a yarn shoppe owner it is easy to get stuck in the rut of carrying what you have always carried.  I was skeptical to try a new line of needles because I thought I was satisfied with what we had in stock.  Not only did I try them…It’s now our FAVORITE brand.

The interchangeable Twist line is unbeatable in price and ease of use. The needles are well balanced and the point of the tip is perfect for getting into the sometimes tight stitch!  And did I mention the join of the needle to the cable? SEAMLESS!!

We just about offer a money back guarantee because we believe that customers will love them as much as we do!”

Anna Starr

Anna’s Yarn Shoppe